A career with AC Floby

Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct describes how we should act in matters that are important to the company, and that we must comply with the provisions that govern and regulate our business. It also encompasses principles regarding how we should handle competition issues, conflicts of interest, the environment, safety issues, the working environment, working conditions, confidential information, gifts and benefits, as well as our attitude to customers and suppliers.

Jobs and careers
We are extremely interested in people who have a desire to learn new things and who want to develop, both as a person and in their profession. It is also important for you to share the company’s values. Here you will find the positions that are currently vacant in our operation.

Skills and development
We are committed, knowledgeable and proud employees who, through collaboration and teamwork, are working to ensure that the company’s deliveries will exceed our customers’ expectations. We work actively to provide our employees with opportunities to develop, based on the needs of both the company and the individual.

We are characterised by diversity and equality, where no employees are discriminated against or victimised on the grounds of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political views, disability or ethnic background.

Core values/Corporate culture
We have clear objectives and ambitions which generate commitment and participation. With the aid of knowledgeable employees who take responsibility for their work, we are developing the company and creating a culture to be proud of.

Our core values
Committed – Knowledgeable – Proud – Brave