Meet Arne Johansson

For how long have you been employed and what is your role within the company?
– I have been employed here since June 22, 1972 and I will retire in about six months. I began working in the production lines and some few years later up to this day, I have been a part of the Maintenence department. In between all these years, I did military service and attended a mechanic education at School of Volvo in the city of Skövde.

How do you look at the future here at AC Floby?
– I believe that the future can be really good, the plant will take care of itself and still have Volvo “backing us up”, I think it is a optimal solution. The factory’s development sets high demands on all employees, but we have the potential to do it.

AC Flobys core values consist of “Committed, Knowledgeable, Proud and Brave”. What do you think contributes to the strong company culture?
– It was an important milestone for the residents of Floby when the plant started, at that time there was, and still is, a low staff turnover and this remains “in the walls”. It has, throughout the years, been good colleagues who are easy to get along with and that automatically contributes to the good culture.

How is it to work at AC Floby?
– One
 would not have stayed in the same place for 46 years if it had been a bad workplace, I think that is enough to describe. The colleagues have a positive attitude and help each other.

What characterizes you as a person?
– I find it easy to get along with people. I hope I’m perceived as positive and loyal.

Arne Johansson