Meet Evelina Gustavsson

For how long have you been employed and what is your role within the company?
– I have been here since June 4, 2018 and i’m working as an operator. I am employed at the staffing company Söder & Co, AC Floby and Söder & Co. collaborates really good together.

How do you look at the future here at AC Floby?
– I really hope for the best. I recently quit my previous employment in order to try something new in my career. So far it feels like the right decision and I hope that AC Floby will have a prosper future.

AC Flobys core values consist of “Committed, Knowledgeable, Proud and Brave”. What do you think contributes to the strong company culture?
– The teamwork, Clearly. My colleagues can communicate, they are dedicated and they are good listeners.

How is it to work at AC Floby?
– I like it very well here. Lately, the plant has employed a lot of new staff, which is great, but the learning time is not really enough for our new colleagues. It will certainly be a good solution in the nearest future.

What characterizes you as a person?
– This is not the easiest question to answer by myself, but I think that I am a driven person who is taking responsibility for my work. I always trying to pay attention to improvement areas that could benefit the business.

Evelina at the assembley department