Meet Jörgen Nordling

For how long have you been employed and what is your role within the company?
– I have been employed here for twelve years and work as a truck driver at the Logistics Department.

How do you look at the future here at AC Floby?
– The future both feels and seems like it is bright. There are always ups and downs but I think we are doing well and we will keep our market position. I believe in this company.

AC Flobys core values consist of “Committed, Knowledgeable, Proud and Brave”. What do you think contributes to the strong company culture?
– Basically it’s strong, considering the “Floby spirit”, but personally  I think that the spirit has been thinned out due to the increased employment here at the factory. The new employees are great colleagues but I think they need a better introduction to the culture.

How is it to work at AC Floby?
– To work with good coworkers and having a good time while we doing our job is great. It has been a bit turbulent lately with the business change, but i’m glad that the company is back on tack.

What characterizes you as a person?
– I like when things are organized and tidy, so i think that i am a loyal and structured person.


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Jörgen Nordling