Meet Mattias Karlsson

For how long have you been employed and what is your role within the company?
– I have been working at the plant since 1994, so next year it will be a 25th anniversary. Right now I work in the measurement room as technician. I previously worked as an operator and quality instructor at the department of brake discs.

How do you look at the future here at AC Floby?
– I think AC Floby expecting an exciting future. In fact, I think it’s very close, because it’s a lot going on right now. There is much that has been developed at the company since I started here, but the biggest change, however, has taken place in recent times. More products and new projects are in progress, which in turn leads to more involvement in the measuring room.

AC Flobys core values consist of “Committed, Knowledgeable, Proud and Brave”. What do you think contributes to the strong company culture?
It’s the classic “Floby spirit”. The Floby spirit helps us to think dynamically, adapting and always help each other.

How is it to work on AC Floby?
It is a great place to work at and there is always friendly colleagues who facilitates the day. It is important for the county of Floby that the plant has been preserved through all these years. And i also like to have a short way to work.

What characterizes you as a person?
– Joyful, accurate and cooperative.

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Mattias Karlsson