Meet Sofia Kjellander

For how long have you been employed and what is your role within the company?
-I have been employed for fourteen years from June this year. I am working with the reception and administration that includes healthcare, processes, business trips, company cars and classes from schools.

How do you look at the future here at AC Floby?
– AC Floby’s future looks very positive. It is exciting times, many projects are in progress throughout the company, everything from new logistics solutions to new business systems. I also look forward from my own part in this development as I get to grow into my role.

AC Flobys core values consist of “Committed, Knowledgeable, Proud and Brave”. What do you think contributes to the strong company culture?
-We have many employees who have been working here for a long time and this contributes to the “Floby spirit”, which means that we always support and help each other. Our positive culture makes employees go to work every day.

How is it to work on AC Floby?
– It’s good, one reason among many is that I work with friendly and talented employees, which always put me in a good mood. I think it’s great that we nowadays are an independent factory and at the same time are part of the Volvo Group. I feel that this is a safe and pleasant working environment.

What characterizes you as a person?
-I am a happy and committed person who always puts a smile on my face. Something that characterizes me a little extra is that I enjoy having many different tasks and projects in motion, all the time.

Reception, administration, core values

Sofia at the reception