AC Floby is investing in new production lines

During the autumn, AC Floby will install three new production lines. The new CNC machines will secure AC Floby’s operations for the future and contribute to a better working environment.

– It will be a quality improvement and is part of our new investment. The new machines are more flexible and easier to maintain. We have also aimed to reduce the noise level and thereby contribute to a better working environment, says Daniel Johansson, Manufacturing Engineer at AC Floby and project manager for the purchases of the new production lines.

Automotive Components Floby AB has been manufacturing brake components since 1957. Now the company’s machinery is getting an improvement after investments in three new production lines that will replace the older ones. The installation of the first line has already begun and the two remaining ones are currently being tested at the supplier SCHERER’s Feinbaus factory in Alzenau, Germany, east of Frankfurt. Two of the lines will produce brake discs for passenger cars and one is intended for brake discs for commercial vehicles. If production needs to be changed, the lines can easily be adjusted and, thanks to their similar design, reduce future maintenance costs.

– The new CNC machines are a total solution with complete flows – from picking to machining, balancing and measuring. Since the machines are similarly built, we can use a smaller number of spare parts to service the entire machine park, which provides an additional saving. We chose SCHERER Feinbau as a supplier due to their attractive total solution and look forward to starting production in the new machine park, says Daniel Johansson.

Automotive Components Floby AB will at the same time install a vision system for automatic inspection of brake discs in direct connection to the production line. Together with an automated process of packaging brake discs direct into customers pallets. This ensures not only high quality but also an improved working environment for the operators.

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