IGEday is an initiative from female engineers and engineering students in order to increase interest in technology and engineering among young girls.

Today, March 29, nearly 2000 Swedish girls aged 13-19 visited various workplaces to see and learn more about the engineering profession. Five girls visited AC Floby and the impressions were mutually very positive.

The purpose is to give young girls an opportunity to build their own image of what an engineer does, let them meet and interact with female engineers, and hopefully provide them with ideas and models for a future career in technology.
Companies, organizations and colleges around Sweden are encouraged to particitate this day, where they have the opportunity to invite young girls for a day of activities, to give them an insight into how it is to work as an engineer. The first event was arranged in 2014, when 13 companies and more than 300 girls participated. The day has arranged since then and last year, 2018, more than 90 companies and 1800 girls participated.