The process to replace the lighting in the production area from traditional fluorescent lighting to LED tiles has started. Today Amtek in Floby has 2240st fluorescent fixtures.

The main reason for the change except for energy saving is to improve the work environment. The old fluorescent fixtures emit flicker and the lighting is not optimal for staff that work with precision products and its equipment. We had recurring incidents of fallen fluorescent lamps because of aging brackets , despite the fact that we maintain the fixtures frequently. We do not want any injuries due to falling lights.

The LED technology is generally well known, but not yet widely used in communities like Floby so we like to take the lead in using technology that is both energy efficient and a good solution. A work environment  that is both fresh and healthy also has an impact on future business, and also on our ability to attract new workers to our factory and to the community .

Research has also shown that the efficiency of production increases with a better light conditions, both in terms of the wellbeing and performance of the workers, but also in the quality of the products.

This upgrade will not affect the ongoing production process. Therefore, this requires careful planning and a longer implementation period than normal.