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“We have built a high level of trust for the maintenance department” – Erik Arnesson

Automotive Components Floby AB, also known as AC Floby, manufactures products for the automotive industry. Brake discs, connecting rods and wheel hubs with small and tough tolerances are produced in the factory. Except for the production, there’s also a development department working on creating new products in alternative materials to contribute to reducing emissions.

AC Floby operates in an industry with a high degree of automation. To avoid disturbances and downtime, maintenance is an important part of the operation. Their maintenance department is divided into 4 different teams, something that Erik Arnessons believes is one of the factors for their success.

Team 1: Service team – works with restoration and preventive maintenance
Team 2: Reliability team – works with strategic maintenance, analyzes and improvements. They also work with maintenance questions in projects, for example when purchasing new equipment
Team 3: Maintenance support – lubrication, toolmakers
Team 4: Storage – works with all questions related to their storage, system support and processes

A project in 11 weeks
Erik Arnesson, Peter Skoog and Henrik Thuné have all been working at AC Floby for several years and they had a big part in the implementation of MaintMaster. A project that included around 11 000 objects, 22 0a00 spare parts/items, creating 50 000 relations between objects and spare parts, inviting 450 persons and importing 40 000 historical work orders from their previous maintenance system. Only taking 11 weeks was beyond their expectations.
– We’ve done most if it by ourselves, the project manager Mikael Andersson from MaintMaster was here for one day, talking about the maintenance norm, EN 13306. It was good because he questioned and challenged our way of thinking. We realized the importance of keeping it simple in the beginning, says Peter Skoog.

Maintmaster, AC Floby, Peter Skoog, Erik Arnesson, Henrk Thuné

Committed maintenance technichians
There’s a huge commitment for MaintMaster among the maintenance technicians and when needed they happily creates their own selections (list of information).
– We have created and changed a lot in MaintMaster, but everything we do is based on a need. That’s important so that we don’t lose our order in MaintMaster, says Henrik Thuné.

Report a problem
When a problem appears, the operators call the service department who registrar a fault report in MaintMaster. The person receiving the call checks if there are any similar or other jobs reported on the machine. He or she also checks the availability among the technicians to notify a technician directly or not. Once a technician has completed a job, they report it in MaintMaster. To make a correct report they need to clarify the error, the cause, and the actions taken. Uncompleted reports end up in a separate list for control/feedback.

Morning meetings
Everyday there’s a morning meeting where they use a big screen where MaintMaster is presented.
There, among other things, they check if there are jobs lagging from the previous shift, if there are uncompleted reports and the prioritized machines. *
– We always try to keep a dialog with the production and every Monday we have a planning meeting with them. We have built a high level of trust for the maintenance department, and thanks to the continues dialogue with production, there’s always a relativly high understanding for preventive maintenance, says Erik Arnesson

AC Floby’s key values are CourageousCommittedKnowledgeable and Proud, words that fit well in when describing Erik, Peter and Henrik. It’s also the feeling you get when you pay a visit.

A huge thanks for being MaintMasters.

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From left: Erik Arnesson, Peter Skoog & Henrik Thuné

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Contact AC Floby: Emil.svantesson@acfloby.com